CSR Framework

Strategic Framework

Our CSR strategy is based on 3 themes, steering our efforts to make a tangible difference on the issues that matter most to us.

Chosen charities must be focused on delivering long-term, sustainable benefits rather than generating one-off impact.

Supporting Criteria

What do our
employees think?


Paul Beattie

Underwriting Manager, Specialty

I believe that Liberty is making a tanglible difference. The Serve with Liberty programme is brilliant – well organised, worthwhile and humbling. The Lord’s Taverners table cricket competition was a meaningful day out for the young people involved, who were great sportsmen and women, and for me. I’m looking forward to next year.

Emma White

Underwriting Analyst

When I joined Liberty in 2016, the CSR programme was something I immediately wanted to be involved in. I was drawn to the variety of charities and causes that Liberty supports, and the dynamic fundraising and volunteering events that are put on to support them.

From visiting WaterAid’s projects and seeing the work being done first hand, to our ‘Curryoke’ event here in London, the annual comedy night and Serve with Liberty volunteering days, I’ve loved how the programme brings people across the company together, whilst raising money for fantastic causes.

Undoubtedly, Liberty’s CSR programme is having a direct impact on so many communities – I can really see the difference we are making.

Phil Hobbs

Deputy Managing Director

Our aim is to embed our Serve with Liberty activities in our CSR programme and ensure that supporting our communities becomes part of the Liberty culture.

Mark Stephenson

Head of Business Development and Market Relationships

Liberty’s commitment to tackling the effects of poverty, at local level and globally, gives me the opportunity to contribute to the work being done by small, local causes as well as global charities. This commitment at a corporate level, and the efforts of my Liberty colleagues, never fails to impress me.

Claire Smith

Senior Project Manager, Operations

I’ve been involved in Liberty’s CSR programme for the last three years as a CSR Champion, a member of the Staff Charity Committee and the WaterAid Relationship Champion. It’s been very rewarding to see how CSR has developed at Liberty during those years and how many more employees are getting involved in fundraising activities with our partner charities and the annual Serve with Liberty event.

We have listened to feedback from our people (via the CSR survey) and expanded our support of partner charities such as St Mungo’s, KidsOut and Action Medical Research as well as continuing to work with WaterAid on a new country project in Rwanda. Liberty recognises that a strong CSR programme is a key part of attracting the best people, as well as simply being the right thing to do. I am very happy to be playing a part in that.

Sam Bradley

Business Development Assistant

Liberty’s unwaivering dedication to CSR reflects its culture.