Matthew Moore, President and Managing Director
CSR Programme


We want our people to make a difference in the communities where we live and work.

At Liberty Speciality Markets, we create products and insurance solutions that, ultimately, enable and protect the social and economic development of individuals, communities and businesses across the globe. We provide our cover to ensure businesses and communities, whether large or small, can continue to function following a loss event.

Our efforts to predict, prevent and, when necessary, assist recovery following a loss event are reflected in our core CSR principle of helping communities to survive and prosper.

Our CSR focus is very clear – to support organisations and charities making a difference, both locally and globally. And we take this one step further by encouraging our people to make a difference in their local communities.

Serve with Liberty

Our global ‘Serve with Liberty’ programme encourages Liberty employees to volunteer with charities where they live and work.

Our focus on small, local projects runs alongside our support of a handful of more well known, high-profile charities that we believe are making a huge difference to remote or impoverished communities.

54% participation rate

I’m incredibly proud of my Liberty colleagues who put significant time and energy into volunteering, fundraising and making well informed decisions on where our corporate donations can make a difference.

Our CSR champions and ‘Serve with Liberty’ team leaders take their roles very seriously and much of the work they do is over and above their day job.

Furthermore, getting involved in volunteering and fundraising activities is good for team building, creating healthy working relationships and personal development; things we hope our employees see the benefit of.

The Liberty Speciality Market’s CSR programme is wide-ranging and reaches many people and communities, and our employees share my belief that helping our communities to prosper is the right thing to do.

The charities we choose to support at a corporate level are selected for their aims to support communities and families in difficulty.

This report highlights some of the key elements of our CSR programme. It isn’t possible to include all activities but I hope demonstrates Liberty’s determination to make a difference and change lives.