Serve with Liberty

In the UK, the 2018 campaign ran for 6 weeks, with 278 Liberty employees volunteering across 32 projects in London and at branch level. Across the globe, 522 employees in 11 locations have taken part, giving us an overall participation rate of 54%.

Every year, Liberty employees are encouraged to get involved with a charity (or charities) by volunteering their time, knowledge and life skills. We believe that striving to help our communities to prosper is the right thing to do.

Again in 2018, we are supporting various, local community organisations and charities, including farms, food banks, community centres, education and employability initiatives.

2,610 hours spent

Quotes from Liberty employees on Serve with Liberty


We should make time for others and step back from our usual, hectic routines... to make other smile
I felt like it was our kitchen and we were personally providing lunch to the homeless.



The Hague